There are NO lighthouses in Cape Cod, they're out of season...

Sunday, January 25, 2009 | |

Jordan Jaquess, Sarah Frie and i spent a good portion (all) of our saturday in cape cod yesterday.

Game plan: Photograph lighhouses

Fail. Six or so hours later of following beach maps... iphone'd google maps... vz navigated gps.. and our intuition... we found one unreachable lighthouse as the sun crested over the mountains for its final minutes.

We did, however, get some great shots of the beach and its surrounding area all along the atlantic coast. The view was quite amazing. All the clouds were in their places and the sun was just hitting everything perfectly. It was roughly.. eh.. 20 degrees out maybe making things a little less pleasant than desired, but it was a lot of fun. Great weather, great view, great drive, great people.

Jordan drove us from Turners Falls to the cape -- i slept.
On the way home, I drove us back to Turners -- Jordan slept.
Spent that time getting to know Sarah much, much more.
Saturday was awesome.