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Monday, January 18, 2010 | |

As i'm sure many of you have noticed,
(because, believe it or not, google analytics says you're still checking out my blog)
this has not been updated in almost a year.

Ironically, the last post i made was during my spring break to wilmington, nc..
which now happens to be where i live, in the exact house i stayed throughout my visit.

That being said, i'm in the process of formulating a new blog with fresh thoughts and updates.
In the meantime, please refer to my website at or
both of which will direct you to the same destination.

..and lets be friends on facebook via

with love,

Friday Night Lights...

Saturday, March 21, 2009 | |

So my trip here in wilmington is unfortunately wrapping up.
Among the friends i've made here and the craziness we've shared, i think the weather is one thing i'll miss the most.
Is that selfish?
I sure hope so.
The weather in wilmington is fantastic, a definite upgrade from massachusetts if i was to make a drastic understatement.
Slackline, its a nautical hobby.
It involves a rope... tied between two dock posts, or in our case two tree trunks.
Its ridiculously difficult to catch onto right away, but all the while a ton of fun.
Think of it sort of like tightrope walking... except not lame.
So the few picture above is me sitting in a chair not participating in slackline.
I tried, i failed, and while i still had fun... there was more fun in watching and snapping some shots -- at least for me.

On that side note tip:
The guys from E for Explosion were relatively terrified to attempt the slackline tuesday night.
That was funny.

You Know, You're A Pretty Interesting Guy..

Friday, March 20, 2009 | |

So my best friend Jack's birthday was this past wednesday and not a whole heck of a lot happened.
For starters, jack had class.
And i was so tired from Tuesday night (see blog post previous to this) that i slept until about............ 3:30pm the next day. Call me crazy, but that may be a little TOO much sleep.
So that would only mean that mine and ali farrow's plans to meet up at noon and bake Jack May a birthday cake didn't happen at that time. Instead, when she arrived at 309 Wallace and saw me crashed on the couch, she and Harrison Purcell (Zach if you wanna get technical) rode their sweet rides (bicycles) to the local grocery and got themselves a random few necessities.
I woke up to Jack playing Resident Evil 5, a game nearly resembling nothing of its predecessors, and i watched -- for maybe a solid two hours.
Ali then called, we met up and we made Jack a cake -- confetti cake to be exact. With vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles. Along the way i met some cool kids like Mari Carl and Katie Sparrow in the very same kitchen.
Soon enough the cake was complete and we presented it to Jack who was thrilled, naturally.
Ali also presented jack with his very first carnivorous plant, the venus fly trap.
All his, over the next few days jack would begin to catch random house flies and feed them to said plant.
Overall it was a slow, unproductive and fulfilling day.
The accompanying pictures are random careless snapshots of said occasion.

What's Your Price For Flight In Finding Mister Right...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009 | |

This unfortunately took me FOREVER to catch up on.
Last night was absolutely ridiculous; nearly one of those "out-of-body" experiences.
Jamison Covington, former frontman of one of my favourite bands JamisonParker (if you haven't heard of them, you live under a rock and thus should check them out now, before its 2010), leads a new band by the name of E for Explosion. The fact that its blue and underlined means you should click it. "I Explode" is my favourite off the album.
Well these guys rolled through wilmington as i believe i mentioned in a post earlier.
Also mentioned, i was welcomed to take some photos of their performance.
Josh was the first one i ran into when i got there, he's the bassist of the band and probably the coolest guy i know. We clicked right away.
Their show was awesome, as i had expected having been the second time i'd seen them live.
Once upon a time last year i drove two hours to a small town in Vienna, Virginia to see them perform at the Jammin' Java.
There were all of about ten people there that night.
Not so much the case here.

Also worth noting: last night was St. Patty's Day.
So while hangin' out with Josh, i mentioned to them that their next stop into Georgia was a quick one and they'd have plenty of time and a lot more fun if they came over to 309 Wallace and hungout with me, Jack, and half of UNCW as they were having a social gathering that night.
And they did.
And it was sick.
And there were a ton of kids.
And i'd like to say that we had a lot of fun.
Then the police came.
Nothing serious, it was late on a Tuesday and apparently people like to sleep on such a night.
So after the 5-0 put out our fire out and tucked everyone in for bed, we let the guys hit the road for Georgia and called it a night.

I Don't Wanna Be Anything Other Than Me...

Monday, March 16, 2009 | |

Okay, so One Tree Hill day was a total success.
There was a good ton of places we were able to check out today while on the streets of Wilmington.
The few accompanying Examples are:

-the rivercourt: this is where Lucas Scott started his basketball 'career' in season one and throughout the entire series the rivercourt's always been "a place called home" where the characters can go when they just want to escape to something familiar.
Its a ridiculously small court, which explains why all the games ever played here on television were half-court, and they take the entire backboard and hoop off the poles when they aren't filming so as to prevent locals from hanging out.

-Lucas' house: Obviously by title, this would be where Lucas would lay himself to rest -- when not at peyton's or brooke's in whatever season such was taking place. Its a real house, that's actually up for sale. I'm not entirely sure why that is, nor am i really concerned. Through the boarded up windows... you can see that the house isn't really furnished, so i'm to assume all the "indoor" filming takes place at Screen Gem Studios -- which only has tours on saturday mornings. lame.

-Cd Alley: This is where peyton spent a good portion of her time sorting through endless supplies of vinyl, trying to discover herself... because if anyone has seen the show, peyton likes to believe she's somewhat defined by what she listens to. Cd Alley is also where Chris Keller worked in season ................two. Keller ruined the relationship for a time between Haley and Nathan Scott, who got married senior year before even graduating high school.

Those are the big ones basically that i was able to check out and get a feel for myself. And i just didn't feel like getting spell checked anymore by ali, sitting beside me.
And.. i really just didn't want to ramble on about a show no one has any interest in, besides me.
*Insert pity here*

In the meantime, check out the shots, i'll have more on what's going on down south as the week goes on.


You're Living To Die And I'm Dying To Live..

Sunday, March 15, 2009 | |

So Love Language turned out to be a good watch, Vetiver.... perhaps not so much. Its not that their music wasn't good, because it was. But it was kinda borderline... "music to listen to in your car on a rainy day" as opposed to standing for an hour in a crowded venue listening to slow jams.
Soapbox is a standard venue with your usual bar and merch stands, nothing too out of the ordinary but the scene was calm, not a lot of high energy. Hopefully that'll be different come this tuesday.
Tuesday E for Explosion will be coming into town and i've been following this band for awhile. E for Explosion is headed up by Jamison Covington, former member of the band JamisonParker with partner Parker case (now synth player for Say Anything). Jamison is very musically talented and moreso profound than his instrumental work are his lyrics.
Tomorrow is One Tree Hill day.
You might be asking, "One Tree Hill day...??"
On this day, Saturday, Ali Farrow, Bryan Mac and i will be on a mission to scout out every part of downtown Wilmington that you find in every episode of One Tree Hill.
i.e. the rivercourt... clothes over bros, formerly karen's cafe, and cd alley.
It should be a good time.
Little Known fact: i love One Tree Hill.

The shots are some randoms i took around downtown Wilmington.
I was tilt-shifting and stuff with the canon 50mm f1.2
Its a phenomenal lens.

Love Language...

Saturday, March 14, 2009 | |

So i landed in Raleigh, North Carolina today to Alicia Farrow's bright and shiny face as she awaited my arrival in the Raleigh/Durham Airport baggage claim :)
She's a rather cool kid that also happens to attend UNCW located in Wilmington, North Carolina -- a fun-in-the-sun kind of town, until i show up.
After the long, rainy two-hour drive to Wilmington, we are rather tired and sluggish but to stay home on a friday night is socially unheard of. So we're going to the Soapbox tonight to listen to some hip indie bands i've never heard of. One happens to be named Love Language and the other Vetiver.

Ali has an entertaining musical taste, so this will be fun no matter what.
The photo is my first photograph with my new setup. Its nothing advanced, its simply a ginormous 30"x60" softbox on my new b1600 but i'm already in love.