Another Day At The Office...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009 | |

Went home to fredericksburg this weekend, hoping to knock out a few assignments and a tad bit of my personal work.
Well that didn't happen.
I should really start checking the weather before i leave my room... or the state for that matter.
It rained all weekend, and when it didn't rain -- it snowed. In Virginia. A lot, much to my surprise.
I instead spent that time catching up with some old friends and cleaning out my closet... both literally and metaphorically. Found some old trinkets and returned them to their rightful owners -- whether they happily received them or not i cannot say.
This image you see here is of a new-found friend Jesse M. of a town not too far from TF but definitely out of state. Twice he crossed the border to hangout and let me waste some studio time.
Jesse will most likely be a world-renowned traveler within the next few years... it seems he's been everywhere already and he's only 24!