You're Living To Die And I'm Dying To Live..

Sunday, March 15, 2009 | |

So Love Language turned out to be a good watch, Vetiver.... perhaps not so much. Its not that their music wasn't good, because it was. But it was kinda borderline... "music to listen to in your car on a rainy day" as opposed to standing for an hour in a crowded venue listening to slow jams.
Soapbox is a standard venue with your usual bar and merch stands, nothing too out of the ordinary but the scene was calm, not a lot of high energy. Hopefully that'll be different come this tuesday.
Tuesday E for Explosion will be coming into town and i've been following this band for awhile. E for Explosion is headed up by Jamison Covington, former member of the band JamisonParker with partner Parker case (now synth player for Say Anything). Jamison is very musically talented and moreso profound than his instrumental work are his lyrics.
Tomorrow is One Tree Hill day.
You might be asking, "One Tree Hill day...??"
On this day, Saturday, Ali Farrow, Bryan Mac and i will be on a mission to scout out every part of downtown Wilmington that you find in every episode of One Tree Hill.
i.e. the rivercourt... clothes over bros, formerly karen's cafe, and cd alley.
It should be a good time.
Little Known fact: i love One Tree Hill.

The shots are some randoms i took around downtown Wilmington.
I was tilt-shifting and stuff with the canon 50mm f1.2
Its a phenomenal lens.