Friday Night Lights...

Saturday, March 21, 2009 | |

So my trip here in wilmington is unfortunately wrapping up.
Among the friends i've made here and the craziness we've shared, i think the weather is one thing i'll miss the most.
Is that selfish?
I sure hope so.
The weather in wilmington is fantastic, a definite upgrade from massachusetts if i was to make a drastic understatement.
Slackline, its a nautical hobby.
It involves a rope... tied between two dock posts, or in our case two tree trunks.
Its ridiculously difficult to catch onto right away, but all the while a ton of fun.
Think of it sort of like tightrope walking... except not lame.
So the few picture above is me sitting in a chair not participating in slackline.
I tried, i failed, and while i still had fun... there was more fun in watching and snapping some shots -- at least for me.

On that side note tip:
The guys from E for Explosion were relatively terrified to attempt the slackline tuesday night.
That was funny.