You Know, You're A Pretty Interesting Guy..

Friday, March 20, 2009 | |

So my best friend Jack's birthday was this past wednesday and not a whole heck of a lot happened.
For starters, jack had class.
And i was so tired from Tuesday night (see blog post previous to this) that i slept until about............ 3:30pm the next day. Call me crazy, but that may be a little TOO much sleep.
So that would only mean that mine and ali farrow's plans to meet up at noon and bake Jack May a birthday cake didn't happen at that time. Instead, when she arrived at 309 Wallace and saw me crashed on the couch, she and Harrison Purcell (Zach if you wanna get technical) rode their sweet rides (bicycles) to the local grocery and got themselves a random few necessities.
I woke up to Jack playing Resident Evil 5, a game nearly resembling nothing of its predecessors, and i watched -- for maybe a solid two hours.
Ali then called, we met up and we made Jack a cake -- confetti cake to be exact. With vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles. Along the way i met some cool kids like Mari Carl and Katie Sparrow in the very same kitchen.
Soon enough the cake was complete and we presented it to Jack who was thrilled, naturally.
Ali also presented jack with his very first carnivorous plant, the venus fly trap.
All his, over the next few days jack would begin to catch random house flies and feed them to said plant.
Overall it was a slow, unproductive and fulfilling day.
The accompanying pictures are random careless snapshots of said occasion.