I Shook The Hand Of Time, And I Knew...

Thursday, March 12, 2009 | |

Today was almost the most boring day i've had this week:
i've been editting photo's since probably six o'clock this afternoon.
i went to the laundromat -- got my clothes stolen temporarily by a hungry (broken) washing machine.
Modeled for three students.
And.. traveled to Taco Bell.

BUT, today my b16oo's & stuff arrived at my doorstep (not really, i had to pick it up).
And while its all still sitting in its original packaging in the hallway, it makes me feel great to know they're here.
Kinda like a kid a few days before christmas when he already sees packages under the tree.
It's tempting.

Tomorrow i'll be shooting Lyndsie Morris and former Hallmark graduate Taylor Greenwood in Northampton.. a current trend. This will be my last shoot to wrap up my personal portfoilio submissions, not to mention my last day at Hallmark before spring break in wilmington!
10am friday i should be in the air... for an hour... and then after my layover in Newark, in the air again to Raleigh. Who will be there to pick me up? i don't yet know, but someone will be there. i hope somebody will be there.

This image is of Travis Berry, shortly before Reed Sisson arrived on the scene.. also shortly before some testy guy called the local fuzz on us for parking in his EMPTY private lot. Lame.
One profoto acute w/ silver umbrella.


Bryan Bayutas said...

That looks sick as hell, yo!

lol @ the lonely parking lot.

Jude Hathaway said...

haha wow he looks do buff
im suprised!

in all seriousness though this is super cool

Joshua Lopez said...

sweeeeet :)