You Gotta Swim.

Monday, March 9, 2009 | |

This week has been a rather... difficult obstacle in my life.
I've had 3 models for the upcoming week cancel on me just this afternoon, spring break starts this upcoming friday and i've still four personal works to produce, edit and print by thursday. My love-life has now officially become a lack-there-of-life and as graduation's inevitability begins to creep up i'm beginning to feel the pressures of reality and the economic tensions i'll very soon be faced with.
Andrew McMahon, frontman singer/songwriter of Jack's Mannequin once wrote when facing such hardships... times ten:

"You gotta swim
and swim when it hurts.
The whole world is watching,
you haven't come this far
to fall off the earth..
..You gotta swim
for nights that won't end.
Swim for your families,
your lovers, your sisters,
and brothers and friends."

Andrew was diagnosed with leukemia in early 2005 and through steady treatments and a marrow transfer from his sister katie, he was able to overcome a seemingly impossible obstacle and survive. His message is clear even when our futures, our paths are not.
Just keep swimming,
swim through the dark.
So while my petty issues seem rather insignificant,
i'll realize that.. they truly are.
And i'll keep swimming.

Self-portrait to follow -- near future.