Not Dead-List...!

Thursday, March 5, 2009 | |

So apparently it is NOT a crime to be snowed into another state while working on your assignments. However, it can be mistaken for laziness.

Shortly after walking out of the Hallmark Educational Facility near 3:30pm today, i froze and did a quick double-take towards the very doors i had just entered the parking lot through moments ago.

As i had indeed subconsciously seen originally, my dead-list status had been changed.
Not to the status you're assuming, based upon the title of this blog (and if you hadn't read the title, you're doing so now), but in fact.. an addition sunrise-sunset (some call this a "day") had been added to my status.
At this point i would NOT be able to check school equipment out this upcoming monday, as i had planned for -- but rather tuesday.

Annoyed and somewhat confused, i approached Tom, the kindest of characters, in the equipment room *saves you long boring conversation* and he removed me from the dead-list entirely. Apparently *nameless person who answered the phone this past monday morning at the hallmark educational building (facility)* failed to mention my circumstances and relay them to Tom before i went this whole week without necessary equipment to produce images.

I am no longer on the dead-list and will in fact be able to not only check out equipment this monday AND tuesday, but also this weekend, which saves me a TON of time and effort so i can knock this stuff out head on before SPRING BREAK!

The unrelated picture accompanying this post is a picture of Bobby O (or Bobby Quest for those trying to facebook him based on his ridiculous good looks alone).
He's a great friend of mine and terribly dependable.
Within the next post or two, i'll continue this story with a series of images from this same event during my... christmas break of 2008.

-sweet dreams, love.


Pelt Family said...

Sorry to hear that you are no longer on the DEAN'S list.

BobbyO said...

thanks for making me look good!

Joshua Lopez said...

are you guys like ...sitting beside each other??

your timing is impeccable.

BobbyO said...

as infrequently as i blog myself, I check my Google Reader all the time.
I stay on top of this game.