It Is Currently 55 Degrees And Sunny...

Saturday, March 7, 2009 | |

Today has been a RIDICULOUSLY gorgeous day in the town of Turners Falls, Mass. There's scattered clouds... there's SUN... and more importantly, you can get away with the windows down in your saturn sl2. (you know.. that company GM is trying to get rid of -- lame.)
I spent the night at my younglife area director's house Dave Wintch last night with Travis Schultz and Andrew Park, easily two of the coolest, godliest, most humble guys i've ever surrounded myself with. Travis and i had a LOT of time to just sit around and catch up on all the garbage going on in our lives, mistakes we made and what we plan to do about it.
More and more i've realized lately, that there's never a moment in my life worth worrying about the past -- its the past, let it be. What i find more important now is what exactly i plan to do about it. What have i learned and where do i go from here.
After all the deep convo, we grabbed a handful of ice cubes and started stuffing them in Andrews mouth -- he sleeps with his mouth open.
THAT was hilarious...!
Early this morning Trav and i woke up, loaded Dave's kids up with sugar and wound them up pretty tight.
Oh yeah, then we took some pictures.
The location's in Northampton, and i had one profoto acute with me, canon 5d - 24.70mm f2.8
I know i never mention all those details, but i'm feeling techie today.

EDIT -- Photos will be up later today / night as i've gotta be in amherst in thirty minutes and i have Wyldlife this afternoon. Google: Wyldlife.