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Wednesday, March 18, 2009 | |

This unfortunately took me FOREVER to catch up on.
Last night was absolutely ridiculous; nearly one of those "out-of-body" experiences.
Jamison Covington, former frontman of one of my favourite bands JamisonParker (if you haven't heard of them, you live under a rock and thus should check them out now, before its 2010), leads a new band by the name of E for Explosion. The fact that its blue and underlined means you should click it. "I Explode" is my favourite off the album.
Well these guys rolled through wilmington as i believe i mentioned in a post earlier.
Also mentioned, i was welcomed to take some photos of their performance.
Josh was the first one i ran into when i got there, he's the bassist of the band and probably the coolest guy i know. We clicked right away.
Their show was awesome, as i had expected having been the second time i'd seen them live.
Once upon a time last year i drove two hours to a small town in Vienna, Virginia to see them perform at the Jammin' Java.
There were all of about ten people there that night.
Not so much the case here.

Also worth noting: last night was St. Patty's Day.
So while hangin' out with Josh, i mentioned to them that their next stop into Georgia was a quick one and they'd have plenty of time and a lot more fun if they came over to 309 Wallace and hungout with me, Jack, and half of UNCW as they were having a social gathering that night.
And they did.
And it was sick.
And there were a ton of kids.
And i'd like to say that we had a lot of fun.
Then the police came.
Nothing serious, it was late on a Tuesday and apparently people like to sleep on such a night.
So after the 5-0 put out our fire out and tucked everyone in for bed, we let the guys hit the road for Georgia and called it a night.