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Monday, March 16, 2009 | |

Okay, so One Tree Hill day was a total success.
There was a good ton of places we were able to check out today while on the streets of Wilmington.
The few accompanying Examples are:

-the rivercourt: this is where Lucas Scott started his basketball 'career' in season one and throughout the entire series the rivercourt's always been "a place called home" where the characters can go when they just want to escape to something familiar.
Its a ridiculously small court, which explains why all the games ever played here on television were half-court, and they take the entire backboard and hoop off the poles when they aren't filming so as to prevent locals from hanging out.

-Lucas' house: Obviously by title, this would be where Lucas would lay himself to rest -- when not at peyton's or brooke's in whatever season such was taking place. Its a real house, that's actually up for sale. I'm not entirely sure why that is, nor am i really concerned. Through the boarded up windows... you can see that the house isn't really furnished, so i'm to assume all the "indoor" filming takes place at Screen Gem Studios -- which only has tours on saturday mornings. lame.

-Cd Alley: This is where peyton spent a good portion of her time sorting through endless supplies of vinyl, trying to discover herself... because if anyone has seen the show, peyton likes to believe she's somewhat defined by what she listens to. Cd Alley is also where Chris Keller worked in season ................two. Keller ruined the relationship for a time between Haley and Nathan Scott, who got married senior year before even graduating high school.

Those are the big ones basically that i was able to check out and get a feel for myself. And i just didn't feel like getting spell checked anymore by ali, sitting beside me.
And.. i really just didn't want to ramble on about a show no one has any interest in, besides me.
*Insert pity here*

In the meantime, check out the shots, i'll have more on what's going on down south as the week goes on.



Luckydoll Photography said...

I am not entirely sure why, but your love of One Tree Hill, makes me smile.